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Founded in 1981 and revived in 2010, the American Islamic College (AIC) is a degree granting college. The mission of the American Islamic College is to provide students of all backgrounds with a solid liberal arts and sciences education. We are committed to promoting inter-religious and inter-cultural understanding for responsible world citizenship and engaged social service.

Currently AIC is offering three degree programs. The BA & MA in Islamic Studies and the Master of Divinity in Islamic Studies (MDIS) degree. Our BA and MA degrees in Islamic Studies are designed primarily for students desiring to prepare for an academic career. However, they will also set the foundation for students seeking a general education and pursing careers centered on teaching, research, business, engineering, journalism, librarianship, or government service. Our MDIS degree is a program designed for students who wish to become professional and credentialed leaders, spiritual care-givers or chaplains. The curriculum offers a richness of practical education in conversations with contemporary counseling and psychology.

Our vision is to shed light on the multiple expressions of Islam as a religious tradition, the role of Islamic civilization as a force in global history, and the importance of Islamic discourses in the contemporary world to create global citizenship.

In addition to our degree programs, AIC also offers a platform for the general public to benefit from Islam's rich heritage and contemporary realities of Muslim cultures through an array of community outreach activities, academic symposia and community building seminars.

When you give to the American Islamic College - you give to the future of our world leaders.

AIC is committed to creating an environment that treasures diversity and fosters inclusion. AIC is open for all students of knowledge irrespective of their race, religion or gender.

With YOUR help, the College will continue to celebrate productive, respectful and open dialogue and envisions a world where true knowledge lights the path and facilitates in the advancement of humanity, and sustainable living on the planet.