Journey Through The QURAN

May 12, 2018 @ 10:00AM — May 20, 2018 @ 6:00PM

An intensive double-weekend course providing an overview of the background structure, themes and guidance from the entire Quran.

“The best of you is he who learns the Quran and teaches it.” [Bukhari]

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How many of you resolve each year that you will attempt to study the Quran?

Can you imagine the joy you will feel when you understand what is being recited in the tarawih prayers this Ramadan?

Are you aware of the key messages and lessons of each surah in the Quran?

How can you engage with the Quran for your personal development?

Is there a 'crash course' on the Quran you can attend?

Course content and overview:

The course will give an overview of the structure, themes and guidance contained in each of the 114 chapters of the Noble Qur'an. This is to be achieved through systematic study of each of the chapters.

In particular we will be looking at how Surah names are related to each Surah and the historical contexts of their revelation (Asbab al-Nuzul);The inter-textual relationship and coherence (Nazm) between verses of each Surah and the relationship with preceding / following Surahs;cross-referencing to other parts of the Qur'an in order to demonstrate how the "Qur'an explains the Qur'an";explanation of key passages in each chapter; practical guidance and lessons that can be derived from each Surah.

We will also be discussing linguistic and stylistic devices (Balaghah) used in the Qur'an, and some of the problems with translation and having alternative plausible interpretations.

Main course Teacher - Hafiz Abdullah Muhammad - [Quran Study Group]

Hafiz Abdullah Muhammad studied in an Islamic School and also memorized the Quran by heart at the age of 19. He has an MA in Islamic Studies (Distinction) from SOAS and also recently completed an intensive post-graduate course at the Al-Azhar University in Egypt. He is a qualified teacher of Religious Education and a Lawyer specializing in Employment law. He has done extensive researches on the Quran, published over a dozen articles and is the author of "The Best of Times in Islam" (IPCI, 2002). He spends most of his spare time delivering various Quran courses for the Quran Study Group and various course providers. He has been teaching this course for now 10 years in London and now first time in the USA.

No LUNCH provided for either weekend.

Pricing structure:

General Admission - (ALL 4 Days) $100
Students Admission - (ALL 4 Days) $80

General Admission - (Any one-three days) $80
Student Admission - (Any one-three days) $60

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American Islamic College
640 W. Irving Park Rd
Chicago, IL 60613
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