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Give today. For education. For the community. For the world.

We welcome Ramadan - the month of revelation - as the month of education, and we urge you to stand proudly and faithfully with us as we rise to become a full-fledged, accredited American university with Islam unambiguously and unapologetically at our core

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"Recite! And your Lord in the Most Gracious, Who taught by means of the Pen, taught humankind that which they did not know..." (96:3-5)

Letter from the President

As-salaamu ‘alaykum.I send prayers for God’s peace and blessings to be upon you and your loved ones!

In this blessed month of Ramadan—a month in which the Prophet (may God’s peace and blessings be upon him and his family) was well-known to have been even more generous than he usually was—we seek your support in helping us fulfill American Islamic College’s vision of building a historic, financially sustainable, and endur­ing American Muslim institution of higher learning that will serve as a cornerstone of American Islam for generations to come.

In recent years since AIC’s revival and reemergence on the higher education scene, massive investments of time, energy, and resources have been selflessly given to reestablish this school. This labor of love and vision flows from our collective recognition that American Muslims have much to offer our nation and our world.

Especially now, in this time of crisis, individual Muslim Americans and Muslim American institutions can embody the mercy that is the very essence of the Prophetic mission. This is what AIC seeks to do as it reemerges as an American Islamic university that strives to transform as well as inform, to be faithful to our faith-based values and intellectual traditions as we celebrate diversity and encourage critical thinking, respectful debate, and meaningful engagement with society and other faith traditions.

Recent Milestones

  • AIC achieved formal Candidacy for Accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) in February 2020. We can now say with confidence that our degree granting programs, faculty, and administrative structures have been scrutinized and judged worthy of advancing toward accreditation.This opens new doors for recognition by and collaboration with universities across the world.It also enables AIC to participate in federal and state student funding programs for our students.
  • AIC has already graduated its first classes of BA and MA students since its revival nearly a decade ago. Many of our graduates have successfully gained admission to graduate study and/or obtained professional employment as university graduates, al-hamdulillah.
  • AIC has tripled its enrollments in the MDiv and Muslim Chaplaincy programs, placing several of our MDiv students in prestigious institutions as Muslim chaplain interns.
  • AIC has hosted and is scheduled to host major professional meetings, including the Hurma Research Project (which took place this past January) and the Muslim Mental Health conference.
  • AIC’s faculty members have presented their work at professional meetings, published their academic research, won prestigious grants, and networked with academics from around the country and the world while educating and mentoring a new generation of students who have been inspired and transformed throughout their education here.
  • AIC established the Arabic Language Institute (ALI) which receives students every summer. AIC has also offered courses in the arts of Muslim cultures such as Arabic Calligraphy, Ebru art (water marbling), and Qur’anic recitation (Tajwīd al-Qur’ān).

AIC has come a long way since its founding and we aspire to go much, much further, with God’s help and with your support. We urgently ask you to stand with us now and be an integral part of building an institu­tion that appeals to our highest ideals and promises to become a continuous charity—informing and guiding current and future generations with the twin lights of revelation and reason.

With gratitude and prayers for God’s peace, protection, and blessings to be upon you and your loved ones,

Daoud S. Casewit, President